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Laura Desimages is an awarded Film Director and Producer based in Paris. It was in Milan where, after having obtained her degree in Business Administration, she discovered her love for luxury and fashion markets .
She started her career in advertising in Los Angeles whilst working as executive producer.
Laura's added value comes from her passion for directing, editing and special attention to detail.
She is always looking for new challenges and believes in the beauty and power of image especially when linked to a particular piece of music.

She is also Director and Post-Producer of inmersive 360ยบ Virtual Reality projects.

Laura Desimages got an international award for Best Narrative VR with the movie LEGGENDA 360. The film was selected at several international Film Festivals in the last years and It is currently showing at the MK2 VR Cinemas catalogue. (Laura Desimages'role: Film Director and Editor/Post-Producer)

Film Festival Selections:

  • Cannes Next Film Festival 2017
  • Sao Paolo Film Festival 2017
  • Dubai Film Festival 2017
  • Paris Satis 360 Film Festival 2017 - Finalist
  • Venice, California Fine Arts Film Festival 2018 - Award
  • Tampere Film Festival 2018
  • Aesthetica Film Festival 2018
  • Athens Digital Arts FF 2018
  • Fine Arts Film Festival Virtual Reality Section 2018
  • Transilvania International Film Festival 2018
  • Shorts IFF - VR Section 2018
  • Festival du film au feminin, Belgium 2019

SUITCASE, a short comedy written and directed by Igor Gavva with Laura Desimages as Film Editor was selected at several international film festivals and won an Award of Merit for individual achievement in EDITING to Laura Desimages.

Film Festival Selections:

  • Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2017
  • Paris Short Film Festival 2017
  • Move Me Productions Belgium Film Festival 2017
  • Los Angeles Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival 2017
  • Largo Film Awards 2017
  • Bucharest ShortCut CineFest 2017
  • Southern Short Awards 2017
  • Short to the Point 2017
  • Roma Cinema Doc 2017
  • Comedy Feedback Film Festival Los Angeles 2017